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Paul Shenton

I decided to join in a running club in January as I had been running for 2 months but spending more time injured than actually running. when I asked on facebook if any one knew of a good one straight away I was directed to stoke f.i.t Read More…

Adam Heath

In 2013 I started slimming world and was close to getting to my target of 3 stone. I started to enjoy running but on my own it was hard to motivate myself and became very boring. I drove past a running group every time I went to slimming world. I was nervous but decided to give it a go and turned up. Everyone was so welcoming and I loved the fact that nobody gets left behind. I’ve reached my weight loss target and running is a part of my life. Stokefit has played a massive part in getting me where I am today. I would recommend anyone who wants to become more active to put that nervousness aside and come along. There are people of all abilities running every week. I guarantie you will be hooked after the first week! Thankyou stoke fit

Ray Wilson

Some time ago my doctor diagnosed me with diabetes and told me to get more exercise, at the time I didn’t run or play any sports but I would walk often and was not afraid to exercise. So I took up running and most mornings before work I would go for a run all by myself. Approximately 6 months later I could manage 2 miles but still very slow and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t seem to improve. Then I joined Stoke FIT and amazingly within 4 weeks I could run 6 miles and at a much faster pace. Read More…

Matt Gilson

“Don’t forget where you have come from” are the words of mentor, coach and new found friend Frank Murphy as I celebrate completing my first half marathon (Potters Arf 2014) so what’s the story here then you may ask it’s a running club testimonial so I’ll tell you…….. Read More…

Diane Jackson

Whilst out running alone 12 months ago
Struggling to complete 3 miles
A group of runners appeared by the canal
Full of laughter and smiles Read More…

Lynette Heaps

I was recommended to join stoke f.i.t by at least 3 people when trying to lose weight and get healthy. I was doing it alone with the help of slimming world and had reached a plateau in my journey. I came to the circuits for the first time and 1 of the members met me outside to help my nerves. Quite a few of the members said Read More…

Stoke F.I.T. party 13th June 7:30 onwards

Friday 13th June will be our anual Stoke F.I.T. birthday celebrations.

This year we are having a big party at Baddeley Green Working Men’s club at 19:30 onwards.

There will be a live band, catering/buffet, awards for members and Stoke F.I.T. style fun and games!! Read More…

New year = new you

What is going to be new for you in 2014?

This is the start of the 2 week period that sees a massive influx of people into gyms up and down the country! It seems like everybody joins the gym, albeit with the best intentions, but where are they in February when the gyms are empty again?!! Why do they stop going?

The answer is Read More…

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