Now we really need your help!


Now we really really need the fine people of this great city to help us!!

Not long to go now folks, come on get your friends and family on it 🙂

We’ve been short listed as 1 of 10 groups to go forward as Decathlon’s running club of the year, but we need you guys to cast your votes to get us to the top spot!!

We might not have as many members as the other clubs nominated, but I guarantee we have helped more people and touched more hearts, so help us to continue 🙂

Click here to be taken to the voting page 🙂

Thank you 🙂

Adam Heath

In 2013 I started slimming world and was close to getting to my target of 3 stone. I started to enjoy running but on my own it was hard to motivate myself and became very boring. I drove past a running group every time I went to slimming world. I was nervous but decided to give it a go and turned up. Everyone was so welcoming and I loved the fact that nobody gets left behind. I’ve reached my weight loss target and running is a part of my life. Stokefit has played a massive part in getting me where I am today. I would recommend anyone who wants to become more active to put that nervousness aside and come along. There are people of all abilities running every week. I guarantie you will be hooked after the first week! Thankyou stoke fit

Ray Wilson

Some time ago my doctor diagnosed me with diabetes and told me to get more exercise, at the time I didn’t run or play any sports but I would walk often and was not afraid to exercise. So I took up running and most mornings before work I would go for a run all by myself. Approximately 6 months later I could manage 2 miles but still very slow and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t seem to improve. Then I joined Stoke FIT and amazingly within 4 weeks I could run 6 miles and at a much faster pace. Read More…

Matt Gilson

“Don’t forget where you have come from” are the words of mentor, coach and new found friend Frank Murphy as I celebrate completing my first half marathon (Potters Arf 2014) so what’s the story here then you may ask it’s a running club testimonial so I’ll tell you…….. Read More…

Stoke F.I.T. party 13th June 7:30 onwards

Friday 13th June will be our anual Stoke F.I.T. birthday celebrations.

This year we are having a big party at Baddeley Green Working Men’s club at 19:30 onwards.

There will be a live band, catering/buffet, awards for members and Stoke F.I.T. style fun and games!! Read More…


Protein is the building block of life.  It helps to build muscle and tendons, repair the muscles in need of it and regulate hormones. Meats, white fish, shellfish, eggs, beans and nuts are common examples of foods that contain significant amounts of protein.

It is probably a safe bet, to say Read More…

Gaze out from the mirror, don’t stare into it.

If you do your research, read 100 books, search 1000 websites, speak to 1,000,000 runners, the theme will be common:that running is a lonely sport, that its the most popular solo sports event since the dawn of time.

What a load of tripe. It is the biggest team event in the world.  Where else do you see 55,000 people tie their laces and all run in the same direction with the same goal? Read More…

Who trains the trainers?

UntitledOn Tuesday,  I was invited along to Staffordshire University to take part in some tests called V02 MAX tests.  The test was part physiological, and part psychological – to see if our body’s physiology and mental ability to cope under the stress of high intensity running was helped out by listening to music.  This week I did the test without music.  Next week it will swap over!

The test involved me warming up on a treadmill, and then being linked up to heart rate monitors and oxygen supplies.  I was then started off on the treadmill and the speed was increased by 1 kph every 30 seconds.  Every time the speed was increased, I was asked to point to a number on a chart (a Borg scale) that was relevant to how I was feeling, with 1 being no exertion, and 20 being completely exhausted. Read More…

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