Nutrition and exercise

Answer these questions honestly to yourself!

Have you ever gone on a calorie counting diet?  Did you cheat it? Once finished did you go back to your old ways?

Have you ever gone on a boot camp course only to put the weight back on afterwards?

Have you ever been on a soup only or other food restricting ridiculous diet?

Have you ever considered a combination of sensible eating and a little bit of regular exercise?

Boot camps, diets and social weight loss groups that charge you per visit simply don’t work – otherwise they wouldn’t make any money because people wouldn’t keep going back.  They are however very very good at creating a sense of need in people, where you feel you need to keep going back to achieve the results.

Instead, why not get to understand the food you are eating and the drink you are drinking?  Why not get to know a few exercises and their benefits?

Who drives the kids to school when they could walk?  Who eats processed crap on their dinner break and feels sluggish an hour later?  Who eats a jacket potato every night because their consultant tells them to?

If we were designed to drink cola and other fizzy pop, surely it would flow down from mountains in rivers and streams!  If we were meant to eat sweets and cakes in excess they would grow on trees!

Getting to understand what is in each food and when we should or shouldn’t eat it is the perfect companion to exercise, and the combination of the 2 are the only realistic and safe way that you will get a healthy and happy body & mind and all of the great things associated with them!  That and sleep!!

So let’s break down the main components of food and the impacts they have on us and see what is so important about this sleep lark





Omega 3 oils